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Is Your Microsoft Cloud Environment Falling Behind?

Don't get caught off guard when Microsoft discontinues legacy settings and leaves your cloud environment failing!

Let's move you away from the "Set It and Forget It" mentality and make your business more secure. 

We'll review your cloud environment by comparing it against modern best practices to ensure you aren't caught off guard and can take proactive steps to prevent disruption in your business with a personalized summary dashboard.


Here's what we'll cover with the 360 Cloud Security Administration Service:

  • Legacy MFA and security baselines

  • Legacy authentication and how to shut the door to hackers
  • Ensure administrative tasks required secured access
  • Identify users and systems still using legacy authentication which are at risk once security is enforced
  • What modern security tools are available that you may not be using
  • Align email security with best practices
  • Microsoft 365 Security best practices and functions


Ready to move your cloud environment forward securely? 

This half day engagement is a great start to our Cloud Security Administration service, “making you more secure than you were the month before.” 


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