Return to the Workplace with Confidence

Reopen responsibly, monitor intelligently, and protect continuously with solutions for a safer work environment.

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Are you prepared for the complexity of how to ensure employee and organizational safety when you reopen?

We can help give your employees confidence to return to in-person operations and streamline your reopening process. 

Location Readiness


Ensure your offices and facilities are prepared for reopening and following all COVID-19 guidelines.


You get at-a-glance information on different locations and can use critical data like infection rates and supply availability to manage safe reopening.

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Location Management


Gives facility managers the tools they need to keep locations open safely and maintain capacity restrictions.


Tracking office capacity and monitoring cases can be customized per location and, by removing manual administration, you’re ensured there’s never an issue with overcapacity.

"Microsoft’s return to the workplace solution allows us to proactively prepare and securely manage returning to the workplace."


Brennan McReynolds, Global Product & Technology Lead, CBRE

Employee Health and Safety Management


Offers workforces the self-service tools needed to feel confident about returning and remain productive while onsite.


Employee self-service tools let them check in to work remotely, see available office space and capacity, and self-screen before entering the premises.

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Workplace Care Management


Gives health and safety leaders tools to actively manage COVID-19 cases, identify hot spots for safety improvement, and import data from party systems to determine exposure.


Maintain compliance and data to track cases, notify affected parties, and ensure safety.

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